Have you felt recently that you weren’t sure what to do next? Have you had moments of shock which have thrown you off course? Most of us have. But now, as the shock wears off and we find our way in the new normal, we MUST have a strategy. We need to take clear and logical steps to keep our wedding businesses on track to survive and thrive. THE MYTHS Let’s first dispel a few myths. Wedding couples are still looking and booking both venues and suppliers. And yes, mostly for 2021 and 2022. Couples have more time on their hands to research and look through websites and social media pages. Not only this, they are actually TOGETHER in the same room. Some may argue there has never been a better time to plan a wedding. So with this in mind here are the 3 things you should focus on now to keep your wedding venue or hotel moving forward and attracting new deposits. 1 – SOCIAL MEDIA Keep showing up on social media both for your potential new clients and your booked ones. Accounts that haven’t posted in over a week give a very negative message. They might even wonder if you’ve gone out of business. If you’re worried about what to post then address that issue rather than ignore the elephant ion the room! Think about sharing your new daily routine, post previous weddings, connect with suppliers and cross share content. Social media isn’t usually about direct selling anyway, it’s mostly about visibility. Keep being visible. 2 – ONLINE JOURNEY You’re online journey was important before the outbreak, but it is CRITICAL now. Whenever I work with venues, addressing their online sales journey is always a significant part of the programme. The wrong images, too many clicks, not using the right language and flaky CTA’s not only don’t create enquiries they actually turn people off. All before you even knew they were looking. Look at your online sales journey with a fresh pair of eyes and optimise it! Because there are plenty of potential wedding couples looking at it right now. 3 – BLOG I heard you groan! Blogging is not only a funny word, it evokes a strange reaction in most people. Most venue teams especially. Let’s cut to the chase: Blogging helps drive traffic to your website. (See point 2 for why we want people getting to your website). It is much easier than it sounds. You need a blog page on your website (If you don’t know or can’t set this up email me and I’ll hook you up with my VA who can do it for you). Then once a week or twice a month you write a short blog post, an article, some tips, new trends, information, a previous wedding you worked on…. Anything you want that’s relevant to your ideal client. Next you share the link on your social media, send it out by email, have a link on your email signature. All of which drives traffic to your website. The blog shows your expertise AND while they’re on your website they’ll likely have a click around at who you are and what you do. Now be honest, blogging doesn’t sound THAT bad for the benefits right? If you’re ready to take the next step and go deeper into what you could be doing NOW to attract more deposits to your wedding venue then simply CLICK HERE to schedule a call and we can talk about potentially working together. Kelly